Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Cross delivers gifts to refugees in/around Jos

Well done Katrin Macmillan for helping to make this happen.

Here is a note from her: " we delivered 7 4x4s full to brimming (with space for only the driver) and one full bus to the Red cross/ crescent. These have all made it to Jos save for one last truck which is on its way today.

Lagos have been receiving donations and supplies. Eko Hotel gave bedding and towels etc and individuals have been donating there an awful lot too. The schools arranged a collection and children brought in supplies for the people of Jos.

Red cross/crescent has also now set up online jos donations and will forward link as soon as i get it from them, that has taken a while as we needed to create a bank account for it."

Good on you Eko Hotel for donating the bedding and towels. Katy is in the top photo.


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