Friday, January 08, 2010

Genius: Hitler defends Nigeria..


Myne Whitman 10:00 pm  

This is hilarious

Anonymous,  11:59 am  

even better.

chika unigwe 9:22 pm  

LWKM for real. You rock, jeremy! this is damn brilliant

chika unigwe 9:28 pm  

Wheoever did this (Gbenga?) is brilliant. Hilarious. thanks for sharing, Jeremy

UKMedic,  10:22 am  

Actually,no it's NOT!

I find it churlish and quite offensive actually to say the least.

Why make a clip "defending" Nigeria using Hitler of all people! god,HITLER????

And before someone says to me "oh,lighten up,it's just for fun!"...then i will quickly add that if at this stage we are spreading on the internet "funny" clips of Hitler "defending" Nigeria's reputation (re: the fallout of Mutallab's action,& the US's subsequent reaction to place Nigeria on the Terrorist list)...then i'm afraid we just haven't got it at all!

Anonymous,  8:38 pm  

the same clip was used in the Hitler finds out Michael Jackson died" video. the clip works for whatever reason and has little to do with hitler's history

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