Saturday, January 16, 2010

Forwarded post on the Brazilian Consul of Haiti exposing his disgusting racism..

Without he knowing that he was being taped, the (white) Consul of Haiti in Brazil was caught on videotape today telling a visibly embarrassed Brazilian newsman the following:

"The misfortune that occurred over there (in Haiti), turns out to be a blessing for people over here (in Brazil) - we all know that! My feeling is that all this is the result of all that handling of macumba(witchcraft); I don´t even know what that is. The African himself carries a curse on him. Anywhere you´ve got Africans, the place is just fucked up!"

See and hear for yourself this extraordinary display of RACISM by a man who is representing "his" country in Brazil, regarding "his" black-skinned fellow countrymen, at the most dire hour of their existence as a nation.


Crnk Mnky 8:38 pm  

wow. don't be afraid to let them show, eh?

i dunno much about brasil, but i guess it's good that true colors are exposed sometimes to combat claims that everything is harmonious and level.

what are they saying after the segment in question? btw, this video presents a slightly different translation, but the major gist is the same.

(I went to recall that link and instead got "lookin like a fool with ur pants on the ground," which I guess is still somewhat fitting)

Crnk Mnky 8:50 pm  

well, my pants arent on the ground yet, but I still need to correct myself for thinking this was a Brasilian consul in Haiti. whoops!

Anonymous,  12:58 am  

altho he is an idiot, he is not far frm the truth when he speaks about the african. As and african, i have long since suspected that we are a 'cursed' race.

But still, this man is an idiot. My prayers are with the haitians...

Anonymous,  9:14 am  

African are not cursed, We are blessed.

adeoti,  11:36 pm  

I am an African and i challenge anyone here to prove this guy wrong.

Rather than hide behind the racism wall, please provide a substantial example/country that proves this guy wrong.

"Anywhere you´ve got Africans, the place is just fucked up!"
".....very true!!

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