Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Indian juju vs Nigerian juju

Its often been said (by Nigerians) that Indian juju is stronger. We now have conclusive proof. If only the Super-Eagles had turned to Guru Maharaji, the living perfect master, instead of T.B. Joshua, the Egyptians would have been put in their place today. Is it too late for Amodu to sneak a trip down the Ibadan expressway to pay homage?


Nosa,  12:27 pm  

What superstition is this? The Super Eagles lost, not because of TB Joshua or any Guru, but because they were outclassed by the Egyptians. Although they did well in the first half, the zeal did not remain and as usual our inconsistency let us down. Egypt is not the kind of team you can play badly against and win, like Kenya or Mozambique.

Anonymous,  1:05 pm  

Nosa, please rent a sense of humor...lol!

Anonymous,  3:26 pm  


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