Monday, January 18, 2010

A glimpse from on the ground in Jos

From Norma of Zamani Farms to her customers:

"As you might have heard, we are having problems in Jos. There was a lot of fighting in parts of the town yesterday, and we are under dusk to dawn curfew. The army and mobile police are patrolling the streets and there is still a lot of shooting. We cannot get to the farm today to pick and pack up your orders."

I wonder when the State Govt is going to get its act together on the troubles in Jos and propose some solutions that work for all parties. The commission set up to investigate the riots in November 2008 has still not finished its deliberations. What on earth are the playing at?


Anonymous,  1:13 am  

THANK YOU! for keeping the world updated on the happenings. People all over the world are reading your website. Be encouraged, Norma!

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