Monday, November 21, 2005

Alamieyeseigha back in Bayelsa

Now how did he manage to shift his fat ass to Nigeria? He will surely face the wrath of Ribadu. There is going to be one hell of a powerplay in the next few days. Will Obasanjo allow him to return as Governor?


uknaija 3:30 pm  

This pissed me off. He probably jumped bail, had another passport made, maybe in a false name....Ribadu won't be able to do anything to him because he's got "immunity"....recall that Dariye of Plateau State was in the same's really sad...grrr!!! At least I hope that means he forfeits all his ill gotten wealth in the UK

mw,  8:58 pm  

Yeah, I heard Nuhu Ribadu said: "It was a scandal."

You can say that again, Mallam Ribadu!

Chxta 10:20 pm

It really is shameful. And Jeremy, there's nothing OBJ can do (at least legally) until 2007. The man will just become another Dariye and sit his fat arse in Yenagoa.

But then again, I just find it hard to believe that the bobo went through Heathrow and didn't raise any alarm bells. The UK government must have known he was leaving or he was going to leave and just granted him bail because the case was going to be awkward and if DSP was convicted the whole thing would stop other governors putting their stolen cash in UK banks and buying properties worth millions in London.

Shame has totally disappeared from the lexicon of these governors. A criminal who just absconded went to govt house to pray. Ogboju ole. The irony is lost on these fools, walai.

Bayelsa people celebrating are just monkeys that will continue to live in that zoo for a long time.

Kemi,  11:14 pm  

How The Bayelsa Governor escaped

a quote
The head of Nigeria's anti-corruption body, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), told the BBC's Hausa service that Mr Alamieyeseigha had "forged documents" and "dressed as a woman" to escape the UK.

It was a "scandal", said Nuhu Ribadu.

As funny as it is tragic.

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