Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yoruba boys in London

My host is a newly qualified primary school teacher in London, currently doing supply work. She is sad to report that many Yoruba boys have behavioural problems (as do Sudanese boys). As a Yoruba woman, it is obviously distressing for her. There seems to be much less of a problem with other Nigerian boys. One wonders what the issue is: is there a stronger expectancy on the mother to rear and stear the Yoruba boy than with other ethnic groups (which leads to problems when both parents are forced to work)? Or is there a problem with Yoruba boys being spoilt and over-indulged more than others? Whatever the case, as with black children in general in the UK, it looks like Nigerian (and Yoruba) girls are doing much better than the boys. One consequence of which may be domestic abuse in later life (the frustrated, less successful male lashing out). Research should be done to understand more about this phenomenon.


the flying monkeys 12:49 am  

Could it be that the Yoruba boys tell no lies and always shoot straight in the face and let the other person know exactly how they are feeling in todays world?

I am no way behavioural psychologist and find it difficult commenting on common behavioural problems but dont all tribes, communities, societies and states of both the old and new world have them?

I am not talking about inappropriate chewing, refusal to school, aggresiveness towards family members all of which have nothing whatsoever to do with anything but a feline way of expressing possible insecurity or doubts regarding the world we perceive to be an inner territory.

That is a whole can of worms we will have to open some other time.

I think this may be societys fault and will not believe that my sister will want to blame males for the problems women (regardless of tribe) continue to bring upon themselves.

My sister should be complimented on how she looks. She needs to know or be told that in his eyes, she is the only one.

Anomander Rake,  7:39 pm  

Hmm... I have a view to this, brought from close association with my Black British brothers:
Black women are generally seen to be less "threatening" than their black male counterparts. As a result, they are able to acheive greater success in the market place.

Anonymous,  9:43 pm  

It's all about up bringing. Most Yoruba boys in Lagos have street mentality and act like beggars, homeless people and are Extremely lazy. And the Yoruba elite are on denial. Most Yoruba boys in Lagos are likened to American black urban dwellers. Sorry, the future is bleak for the region.

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