Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sounds of the Universe

I blew quite a bit of dosh on music while in London – partly because I’ve just discovered Sounds of the Universe – the record shop of Soul Jazz records on Broadwick St in Soho – which quite possibly doesn’t sell an album I wouldn’t love to own. So far, I’ve listened to the new Osunlade compilation, Ibara, which is excellent: his trademark syncopated soulful house producing various artist’s tracks. Last night I played the Pharoah Sanders anthology which has also just come out. The first few tracks are majestic – showing the influence of late Coltrane but with that laidback Sanders’ afrolilting cadence.

Meanwhile, Abuja has hit the heat and dust of harmattan, when the Sahel dust rolls in and creates a mazy atmosphere around the city. My projects with the EU have been treading water in my absence – its time to give them all a good kick up the backside before the Christmas shutdown. I’m looking forward to the end of December – we’ll spend Christmas with friends in Lagos, then we’re off to Calabar (for the first time) – to the famed Obudu Cattle Ranch (a piece of Scottish landscape and climate) on the border with Cameroon) and to the Monkey Reserve. Can’t wait..


Katharine 4:42 pm  

Watch out for flying objects when you go to the Monkey Reserve. If you have a pair of binoculars try and take those as the flora and fauna up Afi Mountain is outstanding. I forgot mine when I went so had to rely on my mates.

A dip in the waterfall at sunrise is also something not to be missed. The guys working on the reserve can guide you to it quick enough. Please let me know if they have progressed with their canopy walkway as the plans last Xmas looked very promising.

Oh to be able to go back......

uknaija 4:53 pm  

You'll love Calabar and Obudu

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