Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nigerian International - internet tv

This is what the company says about Nigeria International:

Nigeria International is a weekly magazine-style television programme to be broadcast around Nigeria, and around the world to Nigerians. It aims to provide a realistic and up-to-date view of Nigerians' fortunes, challenges and opportunities at home and abroad.

You can watch the weekly Nigeria International tv magazine at these places:

Online at Nigerian Village Square

DSTV channel 155 (NTA) Fridays @ 7:30pm
Sky Digital Ch 184 (Ben TV) Fridays @ 9:00pm

We need loads more Internet-based tv from Nigeria. We're planning it for a future phase of Thisspacewatch


Katharine 2:27 pm  

Maybe you can all help me on a related issue within telecommunications in Nigeria.

As Nigerian business develops (as I believe it will do) to be as successful as other devloping countries such as China and India how are these newly developed companies, with a presence in a number of geographic locations going to communicate business data electronically without some sort of telco infrastructure?

The NCC is promoting mobile and fixed wireless, and rightly so for the residential customer, as some say its one of the basic needs on Maslow's hierarchy - the need to communicate. However, networks based on frequency bandwidth have their limitations. To get substational bandwidth over sateillite is expensive and prohibitive in many cases.

What if anything could the NCC do to promote investement in telco infrastructure for business?

I am giving it serious thought as I deal with similar issues here in the UK. Bandwidth issues here are affecting roll out of internet TV and I am sure it will become the same in Nigeria. Developing content is the easy part in many respects!

Katharine 5:36 pm  

one of jeremy's other links, when followed, adds fuel to the necessity of my earlier post:

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