Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Obi for president

Spent the morning watching Funmi Iyanda interview Obi Ezekwesili (Minister for Solid Minerals) with Q's from the audience. There is something about her which is compelling: her direct, practical approach, communication skills etc. If ever a woman should follow in the footsteps of Johnson-Sirleaf and be the second African woman President, she should be. She looked and sounded great. "I love being Nigerian" was my favourite quote - she looked resplendent in her Adire/tie-die boubou.


Anonymous,  4:41 pm  

Yeah but you know she has a history...

Anonymous,  5:59 pm  

All that glitters is not gold.......ask those who know

the flying monkeys 7:11 pm  

What a dispiriting way to comment; Mr or is it Mrs anonymous I do not see what my sister could have done that would appear that bad and in any event dont we all learn from our mistakes? I think we are not talking about people who have decided they are better than others. What I think Jeremy is describing is a good and capable person. My term for it is a honest person. Pure and simple!!! She has principles.

People dont always act the same way. They are good one minute and bad the next. They make mistakes. Good people do bad things. Nobody is perfect and we are not talking about perfection or the fact that Bill Clinton was very capable despite his involvement in a lot of -ve stuff (i.e. watergate, drugs etc) or the fact that Bill Gates is an ex prison convict or even George Bush who has criminal convictions. We are talking I think about change and someone with skills and who loves being Nigerian!

Anonymous,  7:37 pm  

Maybe she looked resplendent on the show on which Naijablog saw her. Personally, I've always felt the woman in question looked too uncomfortably like a man.

A Woman!

Ngozi,  8:15 pm  

she has a history? what a load of bollocks!!!! so none of the male politicians have your so called history? jeez.

the flying monkeys 8:17 pm  

Mrs Anonymous, I do not think we should distract from the point.

Your new post sounds, if one understands you correctly, like a pull towards a new topic (Tomboyism and Gender). I am not submitting that she or the finance minister may be tomboyish and even if so, the better. Why?

This is simply a contrasting androgynous look which will vie for attention with Hitchcock Heroines.

Lets take a look at Ruth Kelly (UK education secretary) who is seen as an intellectual in politics, or our material girl Madge (GUY RITCHIE's wife, Madonna) who is a queen of pop.

Alexander McQueen used 1940s tailoring with masculine touches to great effect for women.

Please my dear stop reading Achebe's "Things Fall Apart," where women are depicted as rural docile wives and where Okonkwo's wives dare not talk back to him. This should not be the case!!!

Anonymous,  9:54 am  
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Anonymous,  10:10 am  

what a stupid thing to say - she looks like a man. whats that all about? Isn't it about time we start celebrating androgyn instead of viewing women with low cut hair as mannish. we should celebrate the fact that they are trying to transcend the oppressive feminine ideal which plagues so many women in our society. Surely, we should focus our gaze on her achievement and what she stands for, rather than what she looks like. I don't see many of us complaining about the agbada fucks with their protuding ghana-must go bellies, crunched up necks and puff puff faces.

I don't know what she stands for, but we should be trying to find out. if she has a past - don't we all - we should try and see how we can encourage and support her towards a different future.

Anonymous,  4:51 pm  

i cant help admiring obi in fact i admire her so much i have gone in serch of her background to see what has made this woman as excellent as she is so far i have turned up with nothing other than that shes an accountant. i wish all other nigerians had her thirst for excellence aas to other comments who doesnt have a history. whatever the history it has culminated in making her who she is today and who she is today i admire

Adeolu Akinyemi 1:42 pm  

Is History a bad thing?

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