Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Patrick Wilmot - Seeing Double

This beautiful looking book has just landed on my desk - it looks great:


the flying monkeys 8:51 pm  

Although I have ordered this too but would like to comment (as an aside) on what came to mind on seeing the cover-art of Patrick Wilmot's seeing double.

I found myself drifting into thoughts about the the whole mad adventure of Mrs Diepriye Alameisegha. But of course Mrs Diepriye Alameisegha is a madam as opposed to the male general cornered on there.

The tragedy is that the cover art can be taken as a prediction for Madam Diepriye who believes she has never done wrong, and innocent, utterly free of guilt, since she is unable to face the anguish that destiny has prepared for her. She had better stab herself in the heart and die!!!

The clock is ticking...

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