Friday, November 04, 2005

Osunlade's new project

Excited to hear that Osunlade, the stateside-based soulful deephouse beatmaster, has set up his own label: Yoruba Records. The first album is called Ibara (River Crossing) and is a joint project between Osunlade and SoulJazz Records - my favourite UK label. Follow the link and you can listen to two of the tracks on the album. I went to Soul Jazz's site in search of Ethiopiques - the series of albums of Ethiopian jazz from the 60s and 70s (Ethiopia's equivalent of Afrobeat). I caught Jim Jarmusch's return-to-form masterpiece Broken Flowers yesterday (with the gorgeously deadpan Bill Murray looking resplendent in a Fred Perry track suit). But the thing that caught me most was the Ethiopian jazz soundtrack...


the flying monkeys 11:25 pm  

the answer is bleeding obvious: I'm still watchin', but not convinced.

His Yoruba records is simply an offshoot of the record label "Yoruba" he created in the 1990's, although it shook up a few people when it first came out.

It seems like his moment of truth!

Originally from St. Louis, he claims to be a believer in the west african yoruba faith of Ifa (apparently adulterated) and digs into many forms but mostly known for deep house/soul,r&b stuff.

A glimpse into his world; the design of his new web portal has no doubt been influenced by the art of my ancestors - Ifa Divination Tray (the Opon Ifa). You can soak up more samples there.

All things considered, it is all but impossible any longer to deny the strength of yoruba ideology, its art in particular.

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