Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Punch drunk

Im beginning to have an inkling about what it must have been like to have lived in Nigeria during the times of Shagari/IBB/Abacha and all the other thieves and fools. On the Monday, a Governor sneaks back into the country dressed as a pregnant woman, evading money laundering charges in the UK. On the Tuesday, the former Inspector General of the Police gets less than 4 months in prison after stealing over 16 billion naira from the people of Nigeria. What a complete indictment of the legal system in this country that criminal activity on this scale gets so lightly rewarded. How can anyone rebuild faith in the system when such travesties take place?

Wave after wave of absurd levels of corruption must have been like 20 rounds against Mohammed Ali in the late 1970s. No wonder the press is so weak here.

I resort to repeating the following phrase, which speaks of the law of Karma:

"There are no gifts. There is no cheating."

Work it out for yourself.


Chxta 8:12 am  

Don't like the Tafa sentence either mate, but I decided to look at it from this view point: at least it is a start. No Nigeria 'big-man' has ever been to nga before for corruption, so it starts somewhere...

Join me in lighting a candle for Alams... May he join Tafa in the clanger soon enough. Amen.

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