Monday, November 28, 2005

Demas Nwoku

Went to the Demas Nwoku event at the Sheraton on Sunday. The event is to mark the opening of the new culture centre in Ibadan - in a building designed and built by Nwoku, there will be Nigerian cultural resources and various programmes aimed at a reorientation around differing Nigerian cultural and aesthetic traditions.

The event was billed to start at 12. This being Nigeria, it didn't start until 2.30 - all the dignitaries being ushered in by talking drum and the usual pomp bs. Finally, around 3pm, Demas got up to give the opening address. Unfortunately, the PA system wasn't working properly (nor were the chandelier lights - they kept strobing on and off). Worse still, Demas talked in a whisper. So much so that we left early.

Fortunately, we'd had a look around the exhibits of paintings and sculptures while we were waiting. His paintings are mediocre, but the sculptures are gorgeous. I'll paste some pictures below.


uknaija 7:29 pm  

Nice one, Jeremy. Btw it's Nwoko not Nwoku

Anonymous,  12:10 pm  

My dear Jeremy,

Were you at Demas Nwokos event to build or to tear down. Why did you not wait to speak personally with Demas Nwoko. You left early, this questions your zeal for the arts. Your quest for knowledge is not honest, dented and wont get you far. You need to find the naija person in you would add soul. Lingernaija

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