Monday, November 07, 2005

Yet another interesting Naija blog

Check out the blog of Molara Wood, a UK-based writer often writing arts reviews etc for The Guardian Nigeria. I am fortunate to know MW through my wife and sis-in-law. She speaks the kind of Yoruba I would dream of speaking if I spent 3000 years of intense study and had also been born in Yorubaland; to hear her speak with someone of equal proverbial proficiency is to hear the most beautiful melodious music that human language has devised. She also has two lovely boys. Long may her voice echo into the universe.

Which prompts me to return to a familiar refrain of this blog: if only the politics could be taken out of culture and ethnicity in Nigeria, the world could begin to appreciate the incredible depth and richness of Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa et al cultures and how they have influenced cultural patterns far beyond Ng.


Molara Wood 1:25 pm  

Amin! Amin! Ha, Jeremy, the only other brother-in-law of Africa (well, David Bowie beat you to 1st position;-) See how I am doing amen, amen, to the above. You have 'killed' me with good words. O se pupo. E go better for una. Yoo dara fun o,


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