Friday, November 25, 2005

Why OBJ is staying quiet on King TT

The president is playing a clever game by staying quiet on the Alama/Bayelsa fiasco. The reality is, he doesnt have to say anything. Slowly but surely, Tummy-Tuck is going to be forced out of office (by impeachment, or by appeal to the gross misconduct section of the Constitution).

Once he's turfed out, the EFCC will want to put him on trial. But I imagine the more pressing issue will be extradition back to the UK proceedings. Jumping bail will mean that the chances of another escape will be reduced to zero. He has nowhere to run or hide. I'm sure Nigeria will breathe a collective sigh of relief when he gets extradited. With Tafa doing bird and TT back in the UK, confidence will be restored in the anti-corruption drive..


the flying monkeys 6:27 pm  

This dude (Diepreye) is a drama queen...One could imagine where his hope is premised on staying in power beyond 2007, i.e. possibly as Atiku's deputy, all in the name of avoiding prosecution or extradition. Either way, bringing ruin to our mothership. No way!!!

With the decline of the Roman Republic assassination became an accepted means towards improving one's own position and to influence policy. We have Julius Caesar, a notable example, many others have met such an end.

We will see the killing of a King and I am not suggesting the kind of assassination we had in medieval times...the clock is ticking, anytime soon!

Anonymous,  3:35 am  

Big Belle Diepreye's days are definitely numbered.

Methinks he probably liked the "dressing up" bit. Maybe he's coming "out"?

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