Monday, November 07, 2005

Demas Nwoko at 70

I only heard about Demas Nwoko about 3 months ago from a photographer friend who is working with him in preparation for the forthcoming exhibitions. Demas (whose work I have yet to see and whom I have yet to meet) sounds like one of those people you dream exist and are thrilled to discover they exist: an architect who loves mud, the vernacular, indigenous aesthetics, local tradition. A designer who rejects importation, who seeks autochtonous responses to the world. Check out this interview with him, better still, go to the Abuja or Lagos shows..


afrojinq 6:48 am  

I know this is like 4 years later, but I also just read about him and I am very glad that such a person exists. Of course i can't go for any of his exhibitions now, but I would particularly love to see his architectural piece, because I am thinking of going into the field. You know, sometimes, we think that there are not Naija pips who try, as in really try. But then when we find out(or at least me), it is a bit depressing, because if these kind of guys have always existed, then what went wrong??

Anonymous,  5:01 am  

I grew up behind the famous New Culture Studio in Ibadan which is which is the home and office for Mr Nwoko. He is a very nice man. Many times he will give us a free tour of the building. That was my first exposure to Art with its link to architecture. I hope the legacy of a pioneer like him will be kept from generations to come.

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