Friday, November 18, 2005

The limitations of blogging

Does anyone else find current blog platforms (Moveable Type, Blogger, WordPress etc) really limited? Apart from Audioblogger (which allows you to upload audio clips to your blog - but only via a US phone number), its difficult/impossible as far as I know to upload audio or video to your blog. Obviously, there is a storage limitation going on here. But then I'm sure quite a few people would pay for the extra storage needed. I guess the various companies will get their act together one day. I look forward to audio-visual blogs - which will begin to threaten tv as the preferred medium of entertainment and news gathering. Or perhaps there is a conspiracy at work which is halting the progress of blog tech?


Chxta 12:01 pm  

Why not use something like yousendit to upload the video, then provide us a link? That way, we all get to see your video, and you get to upload it :D

Anthony Arojojoye 6:07 pm  

U canif u want.But u need to add some controls from outside ur blog provider.
U can try to use to upload them, then add the URL to the sourcecode. It works like magic.
I tried it on my site.

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