Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The African Market And Showcase Summer Event

The African Market and Showcase in conjuction with WWT London Wetland Centre on the riverside in Barnes will be transformed on Friday 25 August for a Tropical Summer African evening. Sisi Oge will be co-ordinating the fashion show at this uniques event.

Guests will experience an evening of food, wine, music and African market stalls in the grounds of the 105 acre reserve.

The evening begins with a delicious three course meal which includes African specialises such as Bobotie, Boerewors and Efo Soup, as well as delicious seafood and salads.

There will be a barbeque and spit roast and vegetarian options will be available.
Food will be accompanied by African themed entertainment/Fashion show, which includes dancing. Guests can also buy traditional crafts from African showcase market stalls.

Tee Jay, Catering Manager at the WWT London Wetland Centre said: "This promises to be an amazing evening. I am particularly looking forward to it since I spent much of my childhood in Africa and can't wait to introduce people to the variety of food which the continent has to offer"!!!.....The London Wetland Centre provides a beautiful setting for this.

Guided Tours
During the day visitors to the WWT London Wetland Centre can take guided tours around the reserve, which includes visiting and learning about the centre's African birds.

Tickets to Tropical Summer Africa include a three course meal, a glass of wine and entry to the reserve.

Date : Friday 25 of August
Tickets cost £19.95 per person
The evening starts at 7.30pm.
To book tickets to Tropical Summer or to find out more please phone 020 8409 4400 and about the market phone 02089032631.

You can book with your credit or debit card.
The Event Will Be featured on BEN TV.


the flying monkeys 7:42 pm  

Playing now: track 2 (Les Ibeji) from ayetoro's new album Omo Obokun Chronicles Vol 2...

Anonymous,  4:32 pm  


I read your blog regularly. I read about the book promotion tour of Diana Evans (I hope that's her name) and thought to myself: How can you make this sort of content available to the nigerian youth; maybe find a way to compress the book into bite sized pieces of content and sell for a couple of naira each. Perhaps even recommend your books to literature and english lecturers at nigerian universities..find a way to make the content affordable.

Another resource is, a website with 50000 registered nigerians with a maximum ageof early thirties ( most of them based in the diaspora). Only been going 14 months and already attracting lots of posts. Another good way of advertising your books.

Just listened to Marianne Frostrup interviewing the author of Purple Hibiscus (nigerian lady). You could be her agent in Nigeria promoting her book there

Couple of ideas for you


Jeremy 6:28 pm  

Dear D

thanks for the nairaland tip. I checked it out ages ago but found most of the chat there a little juvenile - but I'll give it another go.

On Purple Hibiscus/Chimamanda Adichie - she is already represented in Nigeria by another publisher (Kachifo) - the book will be coming out here soon. We (my partner and I) were part of the group who originally brought her on tour here 3 years ago with Purple Hibiscus.

She does seem to be spending a lot of time in the UK these days..

Anonymous,  11:22 am  


Anonymous,  9:12 pm  

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