Saturday, August 19, 2006

bandwidth at last

A local ISP is launching a wireless play in Abuja: always-on 64kps dedicated for N8000 per month. Although this does not at all compete with international standards in terms of bandwidth or price, given the options currently available, its a bloody revolution. We're trialing the service at home, running wifi off of the connection (three laptops plus a pc). The bandwidth is enough for skype, listening to the radio (its beautiful having access to Radio 4 again) as well as downloading megabyte files and browsing in bed.

It should make blogging a little easier (although I'll miss those trips to Sheraton, and all the extravagantly attired people that wander about there). The only tech downside this week was the death of my main work laptop. Reformatting the hard drive meant losing data (my last major back up was in May). Lesson learned: back up critical data at least every Friday.


Chxta 1:41 pm  

You probably haven't lost all your data you know...

Solomon 9:57 pm  

give us the information about this isp

Anonymous,  11:00 pm  

whats the company's name?

TRAE 12:28 pm  

yeap always back up your sh*t. did you say you're running 4 Pcs for N8,000 per month? tell me more, i'm really interested. just hope it's not a limited promo thing.

other anon,  4:13 pm  


just a quick tech tip if its not too late. Boot your laptop using a Knoppix live CD and you will probably be able to get your data off of it. its a life saver if you know what files you are missing and you can get it off before formatting the drive. the OS is intuitive so you should be ok using it, if not post on your blog and I will try and help

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