Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Diana and Bibi in the British Council Gardens, Lagos


the flying monkeys 9:38 pm  

Very nice photos below.

But I think that of Bibi is the best. A very natural and beautiful African woman.

You are one lucky man Jez

obifromsouthlondon 1:10 am  

gonna have to order her book and see whats she's about. nice set of pics.

Mphahlele 3:32 am  

wow. i can't believe you actually know this woman! she is too much!!!

Anonymous,  2:22 am  

does anyone have any episodes of big brother nigeria on their computer or on tape? i can't find anyone who has any and i want to watch desperately. please someone...

the flying monkeys 11:23 am  

try imesh, or limewire

you may be lucky

Anonymous,  7:13 pm  

i've tried in the past with no luck :( unless you're implying that you're sharing them on imesh and limewire now...

the flying monkeys 9:33 pm  

unfotunately, i do not watch big brother. Neither Davina's nor the Naija version

or if you can use your contacts to get the Nigerian promoters implement a web portal where you can view short clips

Anonymous,  9:39 pm  

ah, you live in the uk. someone from nigeria or south africa must have some episodes...

thanks for replying though

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