Friday, August 18, 2006

Isheri abattoir


Anonymous,  3:22 pm  

Gross! But will still feed a huge family

bushmeat,  3:25 pm  

Have you tried the local bush meat Jeremy?

St Antonym 3:29 pm  

Grotestque and lovely. It's exactly like something out of Pieter Aertsen's paintings.

Shango,  5:31 pm  

If you think that's, look at
ARGHHH!! What kind of suffering is this? Oh, the humanity!

Shango,  5:32 pm  

Did you SEE that knife, the obvious murder weapon??

kemi,  7:11 pm  


I feel like steak.

Shango,  12:07 am  


Impressed with your writing, rebutting socialist Jeremy. Email me: [email protected]

BK,  10:12 am  

oh dear! :(
after all my lovely pictures of posing cows..I now see THIS!..problem is I'm a hypocrite and still like my suya!

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