Friday, August 25, 2006

A dream..

Last night in dreamtime - I slept in an uncovered eyrie in some city. My big white fluffy cat from childhood Lucy (or a cat resembling her) came up to join me, and settled herself down on my chest and started purring and pawing and claw-needling. Then, Murakami-style, she started to speak, I can't remember what about. Meanwhile, someone had fallen from a roof nearby; there was an atmosphere of tragedy, as the big cat lay languorously.. what can it all mean?


Barb,  9:27 am  

ok...first of all - what are you currently reading and what did you eat last night?

Anonymous,  9:42 am  

just some faulty wiring - hope it resolves itself

Akin 9:52 am  

Cat sitting on your chest? No closer thing to witchcraft in Yoruba-land than that.

Whose fried pieces of meat have you been sampling lately?

Don't worry, I have had more than cats sit on my chest and the only time I walk on air is when I wear Nike trainers.

Anonymous,  11:43 pm  

Obviously the cat represents the fat cats of Naija, and the doom around is what is going to happen to our country very soon

dami,  3:17 am  

it could possibly mean a dream- thats what it is right ;) lololol

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