Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tech good news..

Glo Mobile continues to be the most innovative GSM telco in Nigeria. I'm not talking about the new 0807 numbers - no, this week Glo will launch its new Blackberry service. O2 users from the UK have been able to use their Blackberries in Nigeria for the past few months; now Glo have launched their own service. I don't have the full details (and Glo's site appears to be down just now) but its a welcome move to have email on the go - especially in a bandwidth-starved environment like Nigeria.


culturalmiscellany 2:33 pm  

wow, that is good

Matt 1:37 pm  

Have you got any idea how good the new Starcomms EVDO is? Someone told me it was great but the one time I had a go it was running even slower than my multilinks!

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