Tuesday, August 22, 2006

creepy crawlies

I went into our bedroom at midday, only to be surprised by a scrabbling noise somewhere near our corner shrine. Behold, a lizard! I'm used to the small, almost-translucent house-lizards, but the larger more colourful ones that spend their life clinging to walls live and direct in the bedroom is another matter. Like the mama surprised by Jerry, I jumped onto the bed and called for Margaret, our cleaner. The lizard sought protection from my screams by jumping into my cupboard and nestling amongst the shoes. Margaret came with dustpan and brush and dispatched (without injury or death). Quite how the thing got into our bedroom I know not.

After nearly three years, I'm still always shocked by the sheer size of cockroaches - although I'm no longer too scared to chase and smash one over the head with a brush. Fear of the scale of African insects and lizardry is something I don't think I'll ever get used.


kemi,  10:53 pm  

i'm rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

Jeremy you're 6 foot 5 and you're running from Lizard. HABAAAAA.

Now I know what pet to get you for Xmas!!

uzo 11:59 am  

6"5 and running from a lizard. Umm. Something so wrong with that picture. That being said, i understand what you mean about the creepy crawlies in Nigeria. After living abraod for way to long, flying black roaches and rats the size of puppies is something that needs getting used to

Anonymous,  1:10 pm  


You're such a wuss!

Get a woman to do a man's job..I despair


the flying monkeys 2:47 pm  

not that bad when compared to the Africanized Killer Bees that have migrated to Texas

just dont try to flit the poor little things

St Antonym 5:54 pm  

Lizards are not scary. Unless they are inside your bedroom. I'd have the same reaction as you.

It's like blood: it's not scary unless it's *outside* the body, instead of in it.

It's all a question of placement.

the flying monkeys 7:43 pm  

Playing now: track 2 (Les Ibeji) from ayetoro's new album Omo Obokun Chronicles Vol 2...

Chxta 12:00 am  

This is one of the most hilarious posts I've read since God knows when...

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