Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Poor Alams

Just received the following missive from a 19 boy (I do like the reference to money 'laundry' - its always good to put your currency through the washing machine (always use Persil rather than Omo). Apparently, Ribadu has chased many of the yahoo boys out of Nigeria - many have decamped to Burkina Faso..

Hello friend,

I am writing you this mail from my father's home at 247
Water Garden St. West
London believing that you will be of tremendous
help in my effort to
save the
last of my family legacy. I choose to
reach you through this medium because it
is the fastest and most
reliable way of communication, as I wish to solicit for
unflinching support and cooperation .

My name is Mr. West
Alamieyeseigha, the heir to the Alamieyeseigha's family.My
ordeal started sometime last year when my father,then the
Governor of
Bayelsa state in Southern Nigeria was at loggerhead with the Federal
following his campaign against the insensitivity of the
government to the plight
of the Niger delta region ,the region that
produces the country crude oil - the
major foreign exchange earner of
my country. Shortly before his arrest in London
UK, my father had
series of meeting with the federal authorities part
of which
aimed at getting him drop his campaign for true federalism and
but he turned down all the juicy promises that was
offered him
hence the plan to
get him set up. He was arrested and
detained in
London last year. Somewhere along
the line, he escaped to
his State
Bayelsa but not without the collaboration
of the
authorities who
claimed he jumped bail. My ill mother of 50,Mrs.
Alamieyeseigha was also humiliated in London and charged for
laundry offences.

I am certain you know much about this case ,
however, you can make further enquiries .

However, my reason for
contacting you is to solicit your support and collaboration
securing my family legacy. I am contacting you on the instructions of
my mother
who asked me to seek for a reliable foreigner who will help
us invest some of the
undetected fund belonging to my father kept in
private safes worth over $20,000,000.00.
I shall provide you with
details of how to access the money
if you provide me with investment
information in your country. For this i
and your
collaboration,30% of the entire money will be your reward for your

I shall detail you further when you indicate interest to
help us. Meanwhile you
may reach me on +447024038741 or +447024038744
or by email.


West Alamieyeseigha Jnr
247 Water Garden St.
West London


Tolu,  1:08 pm  

These people are so current!!!!

Akin 1:39 pm  

Where do I start?

OK - let us just do the A-to-Z, since I am off to London tomorrow.

The address does not exist - There is a Water Gardens in Stanmore which is North West London and it cannot have more than 5 houses on either side, it is a cul de sac.

As for being current; I only read that story by DSP about being helped by the Met to jump bail yesterday and used it as a reference on Aba Boy's site.

And for kids being educated in the UK as DSP indicated, I launder with Persil Liquid with Anti-Grey Formula, just to make sure the colours come out right. - All that money and silly brains.

I must say, your support has not been unflinching - Gosh! Give me peace!! - These people.

Anonymous,  3:55 pm  

He actually left a cell number? Is this for real?

The Nomad,  4:45 pm  

Interesting. Surely a potential victim should wonder why he isnt thinking of donating the money to the deprived Niger Deltans? (I'm absolutely not excusing him in any way).

Anonymous,  7:05 pm  

I wonder why EFCC can't bait these people..

the flying monkeys 8:37 pm  

money laundry wetin? perhaps the 419'er forgot to flit his room and got beaten by too many mosquitoes

RJ 7:48 pm  

LOL @ woo woo
They are called yahoo boys now? I wasn’t updated
You have to give them props though, they go the extra mile. So assuming I’m a non-Nigerian reading this mail and I have no clue what so ever about the whole Alamieyeseigha (I still cant pronounce that name, believe me I’ve tried) saga. I decide to go on goggle to search, first hit says, “money laundering”…now, why would I want to “support and collaborate” with Jr?

the flying monkeys 10:37 am  

in that case the mosquitoes should use his flit to beat him

i don't think they did

the flying monkeys 10:52 am  

for the avoidance of doubt: not bite no teeth marks, but beat

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