Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My favourite smoothie

Here's a lovely smoothie recipe - good for using up very ripe bananas. You can use soya milk or cow's milk (being vegan, I use the former):

To make for two people.

stick the following in a blender, then whizz away:

Two cups of milk
Some ice cubes
Two desert spoons of tahini
One or Two desert spoons of maple syrup
Three ripe bananas
Some cinnamon.

Go on, try it. Its lovely and packed full of vitamin c (thanks to the tahini).


Barb,  9:34 am  

yeah Jeremy...but how many calories??!!! Guess that's not one of your problems ;)

Jeremy 12:07 pm  

no calorific issues really - especially if you use soya milk!

Jeremy 12:08 pm  

So Good is the nicest soya milk available in the uk - you can buy from Sainsburys.

the flying monkeys 12:13 pm  

hmmm...think I'll try this on the evening...

Soul 8:56 pm  

jeremy, instead of plain ice cubes, try freezing fresh juice (of your choosing) and adding it to the mix.
It will make all the flavours jump out at you.

the flying monkeys 9:21 pm  

jez i think you could start another blog on the subject

dami,  3:15 pm  

and where do u get cinnamon in abuja lol

Anonymous,  9:21 pm  

you can buy cinnamon in abuja at any of the S-markets or at wuse mkt where they sell all the cake ingredient. tahini from any of the s-mkts. I tried it yesterday, its delicious, orgasimic. j, are sure about the calories. I had it again for breakfast. totally addicted...

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