Monday, August 21, 2006

Story story - tales from the market

BBC World Service's weekly tales from the market radio soap. Listen here.


Anonymous,  2:58 pm  

just wonder what your name sounds like: is it 'white' or 'wheat' or 'weight'. no offense/offence meant.

and what's that silly word verification thingy? can't i just post my comment jeje like i do on dilichi's blog??

funke,  3:26 pm  

You have got to watch this!: the Pushy Nigerian Mother from the Lenny Henry show. I have met Sooo many women like this in London, it's not true! Gina's accent is a bit off, but other than that, she has got the Naija attitude to education and achievement down pat:)
Check it out...

Jeremy 3:27 pm  

its supposed to sound like "weet", ie the pronunciation for "wheat". however, it rarely gets pronounced that way in Nigeria!

The word verification thingy is a moron-filter. It works, most of the time.

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