Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oyinbo visiting PHC?

All you need to know is here.


the flying monkeys 12:17 pm  
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Tayo,  2:00 pm  

They go out of their way to say this is directed at all foriegners....hard to miss from the content...'people running after you screaming 'oyibo'...that it is directed at white people. Maybe I'm overly sensitive but I think it is rude and slightly condescending and a site for 'foriegners' truly, rather than white people would be much better, less insulting and much more useful. Rather than all this fake PC 'oyibo means foriegner' disclaimer nonsense on the site.

Shango,  4:00 am  

What's your point, Tayo? I don't get it. Like children running after Oyibos screaming Oyibo pepper doesn't happen? And the site is called oyibosonline.com, what else do you want? Strange...

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