Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lagos Rail Master Plan

Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) has developed a rail masterplan, which would create seven additional rail lines for the city of Lagos in order to meet the challenges in the projected rise in the population of Lagos to about 25 million by 2015. Its good to see the authorities thinking 25 years ahead - lets see if they can implement. More.


Shango,  5:03 pm  

How about they focus instead on a few months ahead? That'd be good. In 25 years, Nigeria might not even exist.

the flying monkeys 6:55 pm  

no comment:) albeit thanks for posting Jeremy

Anonymous,  9:35 pm  

Implement - now that would be a tricky one.
I actually followed the link to the news article and the first paragraph looks like it was lifted from the london evening standard....
For a rail system that would be serving us in 25 years time, its disturbing to read that an electric rail system is not an option.

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