Thursday, August 03, 2006

This is Lagos

Arrived in the rain in Lagos, after a bumpy and misty Bellview flight (my first time on Bellview since..) The woman next to me clutched her fists and prayed, a booklet from Pastor Chris on her lap. The airport seemed unusually busy - until the new terminal is finished, bringing luggage into the local airport is un petit couchmare - one small room, one conveyor belt and planes arriving from all over the country every 20 minutes or so. As I was bringing in 400 books and a suitcase, it was a little stressful. Then the space in front of arrivals was crammed with taxi drivers ardently striving for business. Various unfortunates begged for money; a man followed me offering a bootleg Da Vinci Code and other Hollywood bubblegum. When I continued my disinterest he changed tack: "You like local jiggy jiggy? Let me go and fetch.." Eventually we found our way to Ikoyi, with the campaign posters for Funsho Williams a solemn reminder of what once was.


ayoke 9:37 pm  

Just my opinion, but I think Virgin and Aero Contractors have better planes.

And, welcome to Lagos.

kemi,  12:31 am  

Jiggy Jiggy.

Is that what they're calling it these days?

Chxta 9:35 am  

Ikoyi! Mosquito Unlimited!!!

Hassan Awodi,  1:39 pm  

Welcome to LaGoS...

Anonymous,  2:29 pm  


naijagal 8:10 pm  

jiggy jiggy?? interesting

thank goodness the flight went well welcome to LAGOS

ngozi,  12:41 pm  

LOL 'local jiggy jiggy' i'm dying of laughter. what a wordsmith that rascal is.

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