Monday, September 25, 2006

IBB documentary..

This has been doing the rounds so I'm sure most of you've seen it, but for those that haven't (and have a decent internet connection), its worth carving out 50 mins of your life to watch..


eshuneutics 11:24 pm  
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Confessions of a moody crab,  3:40 am  

wow! That was an interesting clip. It really shows that IBB should NOT be allowed to come into power. As the saying goes, Power corrupts, abosolute power corrupts absolutely!

It will be really good for Nigeria and Nigerians if this programme can be aired nationally. So that people will know the type of man IBB really is, cos i don't think people know how BAD the guy is.
B4 watching this clip, I, myself did not know that he was this EVIL!!

ijebuman 10:27 am  

I'm bored already, can't we just ignore this guy. Hopefully someone will 'annul', sorry 'cancel' this idiot and save us from his tired excuses.

Anonymous,  10:58 am  

@eshuneutics: maybe you should get yourself a pc with decent enough spec. The clip was not bad. Unless you had personal reasons for not liking it.
As for me, i had to close it down 'cos my boss was walking towards my desk. I'll watch it later in the relative peace of my home.

eshuneutics 10:51 pm  
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Shango,  2:27 am  

People trading barbs and I am not involved? Zounds!

Shango,  3:24 am  

Och, that "documentary" was painful to watch. What's with the fucking waltz?

Scattered, unfocused, terrible. Sorry, but it's quite, quite bad; like a bunch of 4th graders put it together.

I despise Babangida as much as the next man, believing he damaged the country, but how much, really? How much more rotten can meat get?

Anonymous,  11:04 am  

@eshu. Thanks for letting me know i hit a nerve!!

Chxta 7:08 pm  

Have to disagree with you here Jeremy, it certainly wasn't worth my time. We've all seen this in different forms over the last God-knows-how-many years...

My Talking Beginnings 8:06 pm  

i agree with chxta. Utterly boring dross that we have seen before..and badly put together to add insult to injury. And the audacity of vasta's son to allude to his father being a saint as if he wasn't part and parcel of IBB....and then there is the manic rantings of vatsa's widow, pah!

Anonymous,  4:44 pm  

Never knew about the African Indians:

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