Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Area Boys film

There's a film project on Area boys coming up.

Click here and here for more info. The people behind are looking for donations to sponsor the film. Cough up if you have some spare change..


Nkem 1:40 pm  

I'd rather see a "day in the life" style documentary, and not a mini- eature

Anonymous,  3:09 pm  

Wow where do you get this stuff. Looks like a good movie. I'm going to donate to it.

I wonder what sort of returns they can expect to make on short films though?

Icy 10:02 pm  

hmm I like the flyer.. inviting.. let me go and read the details!

St Antonym 10:40 pm  


Hey, that image is by Alakija. Excellent young photographer. Hope he's in line for royalties!

Kieran 12:09 pm  

Know anything about Di Caprio's new flick "Blood Diamond"? I'm bracing myself for some hideous Hollywood treatment of the issue.

bellanaija 11:55 pm  

Looks good! never heard of the project before...
Thinking it'll be kinda like an African documentary version in the vien of movies like Tsotsi and City of God..I am very curious..hope the doc gets released..

Anonymous,  10:26 pm  

Looks crap. There are loads of good film makers here in Nigeria who need support and if these guys are coming from outside then the £10,000 should not be a problem to raise themselves. Haringey Council - why should they be intersted? Wait a minute - I think I'll apply to Lagos State Government for a grant to make a film about Glasgow headbangers... The merit of the project is lost in that it is to be a dramatisation. A fly-on-the-wall documentary would have been more interesting. If you want to INVEST money in Nigerian movies there are some excellent producers and scriptwriters already in the country and doing good work without sponsorship. Find them and work with them. These guys sound like a bunch of chancers otherwise they would invest their own money...

Anonymous,  4:55 am  

Sounds interesting....I'll like to see it get pulled off. If it's a well written script with good cinematography it should work out just as well as a short film. By the way ya'll should see 'City of God' if you haven't.

Hadiza 2:33 pm  

Hey, this is my brothers film (Bello Mohammed) thanks for the love

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