Monday, September 04, 2006

The art of everyday Nigerian life

I've always loved the African hairdresser signboard, so much so that we commissioned our artist friend Yomi Aderinola to paint a series. He's just delivered them this evening. They are altogether lovely..


Funke,  12:45 am  

I had forgotten about those! Nice to see natural hairstyles, not nasty weaves and Beyonce style extensions.

Dami 1:47 am  

ha leave beyonce extensions alone o, abi na jealousy?

bibi 7:01 am  

wow u make me remember naija high school hell for me..cos it was compulsory to weave ur hair and after the 2nd day my hair would always start to losen cos of the nature of my nice paintings by the way

uknaija 11:25 am  

Beautiful...brings back memories of the monthly visit to the barber's shop- the hair styles were quite different though- ever head of Boy Alinco?

the flying monkeys 2:11 pm  

I love this and one of the words it brings to my mind is "tutu"

OyiboGirl 3:36 pm  

Beautiful paintings. Yet another example of worldclass Naija artistic talent! I don't s'pose Yomi would be interested in another commission....??

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