Friday, September 01, 2006

University of Nigeria

I see that that progressive organisation, The University of Nigeria, has recently extended its curriculum. An impressive range of courses at the Lagos campus are now available.


BK,  11:41 am  

Jeremy! Correction: It's the University of Lagos, Nigeria
University of Nigeria (UNN) alumni may slay you for that mistake

uknaija 12:18 pm  

Actually, since a genuine University of Lagos and the University of Nigeria actually exist, this amusing though it is is to my unlegal mind libellous...

Any brave lawyer alumni from either of these universities willing to take this on?

And would Jeremy be liable for linking to it?

St Antonym 2:32 pm  

They should call it "Nigerian University, Lagos" or something like that. (like the TV show in which Felicity attends the "University of New York" instead of the real life NYU. Of course this doesn't apply in the case of certain British institutions like Oxford University, which also goes as University of Oxford).

Otherwise, yes, it *is* a terrible libel. And a racist one at that. The graduates of the University of Lagos should be up in arms.

I think the spoof site used to be called University of Nigeria (maybe they were forced to change that).

The thing at issue here is that it's easy to wrongly narrate us from the outside. It's been going on for a long time ("what? there's an ACTUAL university of Lagos?"). That's why I call it racist.

By the way, University of Lagos has a decent functional website of its own, at

Anonymous,  3:26 pm  

you guys should stop getting your knickers in a collective twist.

it's meant to be funny!!

naijajams 2:33 am  

I'm somewhat surprised that someone at UNILAG hasn't filed a case with ICANN against these buffoons. I have a hard time seeing this as "poking fun" at the 419ers.

d,  2:58 am  

file a case against them? lol i still havent heard of a libel case in nigeria, gani fawemi*. most lawyers in nigeria are to busy with political cases to take this on, who go even pay them sef

naijajams 7:37 am  

I said a case with ICANN (see, not in a court of law. I think UNN and/or UNILAG have a case for these guys against what imo equates to cyber squatting.

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