Friday, September 15, 2006

Some links

Radio Lagos
There is a 'listen live' link but I've yet to get it to work. It's a shame, I used to like listening to the talking-drum conk yoruba when I lived in Lagos..

Oduduwa Radio - this one works.

Also, the Nigerian Field Society. The Abuja chapter has just gone on a trip to Niger to watch the Wodaabe Cure Salee festival - the one where the men daub themselves in make-up and preen for the women - which may include a trip to Agadez. Darn - I would have loved to have gone on that trip...Meanwhile, the Lagos chapter is even more intrepid (they're planning a cycling trip along Third Mainland Bridge!!!)


culturalmiscellany 7:44 pm  

I also am dying to go on one of the Nigerian Field Society trips. I have been in touch with them for about a year now but not joined a trip yet. They did the bike ride last year as well.

culturalmiscellany 9:23 pm  

Forgot to point this one out to you He did a trip to Sukur that sounds interesting. He's also climbed Mount Cameroon which I am envious of as I only got to its base on my trip to Cameroon; maybe next time.....

Bayuze 10:51 pm  

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the info on eko fm.i was able to listen to the station live.keep up the good work

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