Saturday, September 09, 2006

A lifetime project

I absorbed myself in the wikipedia labyrinth this afternoon, bouncing round from various Ancient Greek pages (love the stuff on Ancient Greek pederasty) to Nok culture. Seeing images of dolorously beautiful triangle-eyed Nok figurines in various American museums brings out a primal revolt in me. The British Museum is a cavern of stolen goods, so many of which simply need to be returned and cared for on home territory. I keep coming back to the National-Museum-in-Abuja idea - of demanding volubly that the Benin Bronzes, the 2500 year old Nok terracottas and all the other colonial expropriations are shipped back, creating a tropical masterwork to house them in in the capital. That would be a worthy lifetime project for a group of committed souls and enlightened investors (the govt could chuck in a few naira too). Just the idea that coachloads of African schoolkids in some undesignated future could visit and simply wonder at the limitless depths of the cultures that lived on the same soil in times past should be payment enough..

Meanwhile, sadly, there are still people out there who are selling priceless antiquities to the global blackmarket. I came into contact with one over a year ago - he was all smiles and culture on first meet, until it turned out the ne'er do well was looking to me as a conduit to selling some 15th century Yoruba stuff to dodgy people in London. It will not go well with him.


Anonymous,  11:40 pm  

Great idea. one idea i have, a lifetime project as well, is a fund to restore and maintain old nigerian (african?) buildings like the mosques in timbuktu to the early churces in nigeria, palaces and what not.

Anonymous,  4:10 am

Hey Oga Jeremy, this should interest you, if you have not seen it already.

Shango,  4:40 pm  

Love pedarasty, huh? Does you wife know? I always suspected, you being English and all.

You simply have to make up your mind about Nigeria and Nigerians, Dr Weate. One moment--actually, many more moments, according to your blog postings recently--we're incompentent, misogynistic, homophobe neanderthals, incapable of providing the most basic social provisions and the other, well we're the opposite: certainly opposite enough to care for our stolen relics in equivalently high tech museums.

Well, I don't know which Nigeria you inhabit, dear fellow, but the Nigeria I know is nowhere near capable of keeping these priceless relics in any condition for the perusal of this theoretical construct of African schoolkids in coaches.

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