Tuesday, September 12, 2006

University of Hull - gist

Talking of Hull Uni, one of the more omnipresent Governors was in London recently. He paid a couple of Nigerian girls studying at Hull £2000 each to come and sit with him.. Perhaps I should contact City People?


ayoke 2:13 pm  

Do you have personal bodyguards? Please, save yourself physical harm 'cos City People won't be there if the Governor finds out who leaked the story and decides to teach you a lesson. Whistleblowers are not very well protected here o...

Nkem 5:01 pm  

If you want, I can reveal it. For free even, on my blog. Or even contact the tabloids. I don't shirk from these things.

Icy 1:49 pm  

hahahahah I think you should...

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