Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today's my birthday

37 years ago, at 2am in the morning, my mother, accessorised with false eyelashes and make-up, ejected me into the world. It was 1969. Armstrong had just landed on the moon, Hendrix was still alive, the earth seemed a more innocent place, at least to the baby boomer generation. I was the most beautiful baby on the ward (there was not much competition, it being Wolverhampton Infirmary) - according to my number one fan Mrs C.M. Weate.

Certain proof was the fact that the nurse used me to demonstrate how to change nappies. Jaundice had given me an olive-skinned, mediterranean complexion. Birthdays should always be about celebrating the mother, not the child, I reckon. Tonight there will be friends, food and laughter, but I will raise an internal imaginary flute of Bolly in celebration of my mother, and of mothers.


Anonymous,  6:40 pm  

Happy birthday to you, Jeremy. I'm sure your mum is proud of you and it's worth it for you to honour her in every way you can.

Many happy returns.

Frances Uku 7:41 pm  

happy birth and birthing day to you and mrs. weate respectively. i'd never have guessed you were 37, not lookin' bad for an oyinbo ;-)

Kaunda 7:47 pm  

I hope your birthday was grand! By your 37th birthday you should know by now that it takes at least a week of celebration to do birthday's justice. Party on dude.

Anthony Arojojoye 10:51 pm  

Happy birthday Jeremy.
Our wonderful oyinbo, may long life & satisfaction glue to you like chewing.

Bon anniversaire.

ayoke 11:23 pm  

Happy birthday.

mine 11:23 pm  

Happy birthday to you.
May the Lord bless you.
May his favour radiate in your life
As you have honoured your mother,the Lord will honour you.
...................remeber your dad to tell him thank you toooooooooooooooo.

mine 11:26 pm  

Remember to send your food to everybody in the house.ok.

Anonymous,  11:53 pm  

Happy Birthday Jeremy! Hope you have fun being a year older.
I've really enjoyed reading you blog. Will keep coming back. Cheers!

Bayuze 1:52 am  

happy birthday J,many more fulfilling years ahead.send my bubbly to me!cheers!

Shango,  6:22 am  


Chxta 6:04 pm  

Happy birthday in arrears. September 30 (day before October 1?), I don't believe in destiny, but it sure looks like you were destined to become a Nigerian...

Barb,  6:53 pm  

Hey 3 days after mine.

St Antonym 7:18 pm  

You don't look a day over seventeen.


Anonymous,  8:36 pm  

Happy birthday to you, I enjoy your blog. It's helping me learn a bit about Nigeria and I love your passion for it. Your mum did a fine job

Double_edge 9:31 pm  

Happy Birthday Jeremy. Many happy returns.
Yours is very close to Naija's birthday. Mine was the 7th.

Have enjoyed reading your blog on Naija, keep it up.

By the way, there is more detailed satellite pics on certain areas in Nigeria (eglike Ikeja) on Google Earth now.

Icy 9:57 pm  

Happy Birthday.. Hope you had a lovely one!

Akin 11:48 pm  

Belatedly, Happy Birthday and best wishes for good fortune and a realisation of things beyond your dreams or reasoned capabilities.

Anonymous,  7:57 am  

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HOMIE... please tell us what vine you drik your wine of life because you do not look like you are just 3 years away from 40.

baba alaye,  8:52 am  

A Birthday party is not complete without the Owambe everyboody come chop.

So, Oyinbo how far?Where the parry @?

Anonymous,  12:17 pm  

@Adaure - I tell you what vine 'e drink 'is wine o' life from. It's a solid beau'iful ebony 'un called Bibi.

@Jez - 'appy buffday Son!
I hope you didn't mind me telling everyone why you're so well preserved.

@Bibi - Una do well sis!

naijagal 12:40 pm  

happy birtday !! hope you had a great day

My Talking Beginnings 2:24 pm  

So did you do an owambe i wonder?

Through these eyes 6:36 pm  

Happy birthday, sweetie! Hope your birthday was fun.

check out:

Ore 11:47 am  

Happy Belated Birthday, Jeremy! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

BOA 3:39 pm  

Belated birthday wishes, Jeremy! First time I'm seeing you and Bibi in ages (the pics :)))) )

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