Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wahalla dey

Racing round trying to do 1000 things this morning, I parked my car to visit someone- to come back 4 mins later to the traffic police and my car clamped! Yikes. Its good that the rule of law is being imposed bit by bit and ever more firmly in FCT, but there were no road signs indicating one cannot park, so its a bit annoying, to say the least.. Worse, our documents were out of date and my local drivers licence has gone missing. Some strings had to be tweaked to recover...


Anonymous,  6:01 pm  

Poor you, Jeremy. As far as I know, there is a justifaction about the signage. Just as we have here in the UK, when entering a Controlled Parking Zone, there is a signage that tell you the restrictions in force. In the case of Abuja, the signage are located in the main boundaries of the city and hence there is no need to have signage in each localised street.

Wish you luck in retrieving your car ASAP otherwise you'll have to pay for storage.

St Antonym 9:47 pm  

"Strings tweaked." Hmm! That be say at least one oga police go chop peppersoup belefull today.

Ol' boy, you don enter the system well well.

Dem for give you Naija passport straight!

Anonymous,  9:49 am  

"strings tweaked" You are now officially omo naija. i will think of a chieftaincy title for you i.e if you don't have one already.
Your ordeal reminds me of those private claming companies documented on BBC's rogue traders (or a TV program of that sort).They even clamped an nhs ambulance once.
Anyhow, oloye, I suppose I dont need to say good luck with the string pulling. With all those 'offences' listed on your post, you sure have had practice!

Josh 10:18 am  

Ouch! Wahala with the Nigeria Police? You sure don't want it happening again!

Hey, where's "JasmineInNigeria"?

Anonymous,  4:46 am  

ha ha ha..... right about now i am wishing I could 'tweak strings' with my ongoing 'immigration matter'. I guess there are some positive aspects to 'Egunje Policy'.

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