Friday, September 01, 2006

April 2007 goes digital

Blimey - take a look at this. I thought it was a campaign website for the first few seconds, then started eagerly looking around the page for a link to a manifesto (a manifesto? with ideas? for a Nigerian politician? my mind started to boggle). Then I saw the text in the red background at the bottom of the page and it all began to sink in.

Well, at least the politicians and the enemies are now embracing the digital. Quite a nice little site after all. And they quote Chomsky!


ijebuman 11:00 am  

interesting site, refreshing change from the usual tactics adopted by our politicians. An nslookup of the site reveals that someone registered the site using his name LOL

shame the owners are "anonymous" and can not back up the accusations with evidence.

Anonymous,  2:28 pm  

check this out:
What are they expecting to happen at the elections?!

Remi 3:48 pm  

lol which means he has legal right to site and can change the content. It is registered in his name.

Smart idea of exposing corruption, poor execution.

Nkem 6:11 pm  

Manifesto? what manifesto? At the last elections, there were several campaign websites, all devoid of manifestos. If they never talk about manifestos, why would they put one on their website?

Shango,  9:33 pm  

Chomsky's a terrific idiot.

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