Sunday, September 10, 2006

Travelogue on Nigeria in today's Indy

Written by Alex Hannaford. We met him while he was over. Nice chap.


Anonymous,  3:30 pm  

the east hardly gets much play when it comes to tourism it seems. Duke has his work cut out for him

Anonymous,  8:19 pm  

more than likely i would get shot in oakland or be axed in london than be harmed in lagos.

oh well

Anonymous,  11:04 pm  

Oh My God! he makes it sound almost desirable to visit...

Chxta 12:05 am  

One friend says you can leave your house naked in the morning and arrive at work washed, shaved, dressed, and smelling of aftershave, just by buying things from the vendors amid the Lagos traffic.

This guy left me in stitches...

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