Saturday, September 02, 2006

Diana Evans article on her recent trip in today's UK Guardian



dami,  4:30 pm  

u took the word. ..

very nice....

eshuneutics 5:04 pm  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chxta 7:10 pm  

Congrats Jeremy...

Anonymous,  10:56 pm  

Nigerian music and egusi stew...mmmm

Very good mix!

Anonymous,  11:09 pm  

what about congrats to Bibs? I hope you're still a earthy-crunchy, feminist,black power miltant. I bet you can guess who this is.

bibi,  11:51 am  

Message from Bibi: Hi P. you can get my email from bakareweate dot com. Would be lovely to hear from you!

Nkem 2:09 pm  

young academics... I chuckled while reading it this morning. academic perhaps, dunno about the young!

Anonymous,  2:46 pm  

Bibi, thats what you get for looking like your students! I guess in Diana's mind anyone under 40 is young. And she is right.


Anonymous,  8:04 pm  

nigerian barbarism towards twins?
that's highly suspect.
that's like saying all of nigeria practices female genital mutilation
please oh!

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