Tuesday, September 12, 2006

EFCC moves in on Transcorp

Its hard for anyone to keep up with events in Nigeria. Baba and Atiku are slugging it out, with recrimination following accusation, as two spent swimmers, that do cling together and choke their art..

Meanwhile, This Day reports that Mrs Creosote, Mrs. Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke, has been hauled in by Ribadu's boys to answer a simple question: is it really possible for someone to be Director General of a stock exchange AND chairperson of a company listed on said exchange and for there not to be a conflict of interest? Easy enough question. I wonder how she answered it..


Chxta 5:57 pm  


Akin 8:04 pm  

Mrs Creosote?

Can you please give us some background on that amusing name?

Jeremy 8:07 pm  


ayoke 11:36 pm  

Hehehehe! Jeremy, I don't care if you post this comment or not but I'll say it anyway: YOU ARE NOT WELL!!! Hehehehe!

Anonymous,  7:53 am  

Ayoke, I'm reading jeremy's posting again, I am trying to find out what is untoward in the post for you to make you say he is unwell. you know I really respect your opinions. So I am begin to wonder if I have missed something in this post.

ayoke 9:18 am  

I'm sorry. It's not the post as such (well, just the part about Mrs. Ndidi O being "Mrs. Creosote"). If you read the the Wikipedia article Jeremy referred Akin to on Mr. Creosote, you'll get the point.

Anonymous,  9:41 am  

Mrs Creosote? isn't that a bit cruel Jeremy?

BK,  10:47 am  

he he - I always do the "Creosote" routine asking for just one more wafer thin mint,when I'm about to burst (think this shows my age!)....but this IS rather cruel Jeremy. Hey ho - this is Nigeria and looking "healthy" is a sign of financial success.

Anonymous,  3:18 pm  

bro you are brave O calling her mrs Creosote in a forum where you have so many female reader. Didn't no one ever told you,you don't make comment about a woman's weight or her age?

But you know you are not the first person to call her that. I was shocked to hear two of my female friends refer to her as dr Creosote. Women are their own worse enemy!!

I have defended her several times when women complain about her size, but after experiencing her recently at a function I attended in Nigeria, I worry for her health. I was less concern about her size until I actually met her and noticed her shortness of breath. It was almost as if she is always grasping for breath. I worry for her. A few people actually commented about her weight at the conference. This actually surprised me because I always thought we Nigerians like heavy set woman. Either things are changing and men are looking for something else or they its a myth that we like big women.

But bro, I think you should really avoid commenting on women's weight - most are very sensitive about it.

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