Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Angry lover bites of lover's genitals

The Nigerian Daily Sun can more than compete with News of the World and the National Enquirer when it comes to trash news. Try this one for size.


the flying monkeys 5:08 pm  
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the flying monkeys 5:16 pm  

must really hurt...

"for size"...lol

Tolu,  7:15 pm  

Seriously! Sun news is full of "sensational" hard to believe news written with so many speling and grammatical errors, yet, I still check out the website every day. The attraction of the absurd I guess!

Tolu,  8:03 pm  

now, if I didn't write that with a spelling error as well!

the flying monkeys 11:12 pm  

tolu, can you spot the spelling error in the title of this post? bet you cannot! Jez may have done that deliberately?

Dami 11:57 pm  

that would probably be as a result of reading the same newspaper :P

Anonymous,  12:05 am  

nearly bite off a grown man's ...er person? how can anyone manage that?

Anonymous,  12:12 am  

j. could u tell ur sis-in-law to update and post a proper blog. She has it in her. honest.

Akin 12:40 am  

At the risk of subscribing to yellow or porn journalism, in line with the discussions we had earlier on sexuality in Africa, the practice of fellatio might not have been mastered by the proponent, giving the story a slant of vengeance rather than a jostling for reinstating the relationship through sexual pleasure.

St Antonym 2:47 am  

Akin, we don't do this fella-whatever-it-is in Africa.

It is against our traditions, it is an abomination. Baba Ibeji just wants to get in there, do his thing, and gerrout.

Please, don't corrupt our culture.

Chxta 8:28 am  

How did he find this one?

bibi 9:07 am  

wow....i agree wid u naijablog..lol. thats thrash..oh well they might use that as the headlines sef..anyways cant imagine what pain the man would be going thru...thats gross mayne

Jeremy 9:14 am  

that's the problem with these bloody niaja newspapers - their atrocious speling and gramma affex the way u spelle.

I koncur with St Antonim: Im not sure fela-tio is Nigerian (cuninlingus is definitely an oyimbo practice and should not be allowed in at the port).

Josh 9:42 am  

Daily Sun surely displays one of the darndest headlines i've ever come across. :P

Anonymous,  12:36 pm  

actually Jez word 'of' may be correct if we look at in in context. in the bible, one would come across sentences like 'he drank of it', 'she ate of it'.
So 'she bites of IT' may be taken to mean 'she bit off some of IT'. naah mean?
maybe Jez was just having a biblical moment.

Bisi,  2:18 pm  

Makes you wonder if sex practices are cultural?, If one man finds S&M, oral, anal, threesomes etc.. perfectly acceptable, does that mean all do?
It would be fascinating to see a Nigerian survey on this, then again, many might lie and really enjoy certain acts, but would never admit it publicly... But as Jeremy says there is a horror of all things sexually orally beneficial to the female in Nigeria, why?

the flying monkeys 2:55 pm  

bites of lover's genitals is actually very correct

St Antonym 8:11 pm  

Speaking of genitals, "El-Rufai accused of homosexuality over Jimi Lawal shady deals."

This is the first time I've ever heard of gay rumors being used as a smear-tactic in Nigeria. And, in the current homophobic environment, the accusation doesn't have to be true to be damning. It merely has to be made.

More about it here:

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