Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tourism in Lagos

An interesting sounding tourist venture down the creek towards Badagry. Halemson Beach Resort is a beach club - you can just go for the day (for N5000) - they pick you up in a speed boat from VI, or they have all-inclusive two night packages. The most amount of fun I've had in Nigeria was quad-biking at top speed on nearby Ilashe beach after three or four glasses of bubbly, screaming my head off. The villagers I sped past must have thought I was an emanation from a different universe..


BK,  10:10 am  

Ilashe WAS fun...but part of it's beauty was it's remoteness and serenity. I just hope this resort tries to maintain an element of this...AND dedicates to that almost futile task of sweeping up all the Lagos rubbish that washes up on its shores

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