Thursday, September 14, 2006

Koolhaas and Lagos

Talking of architecture, top Euro-architect Rem Koolhaas has nurtured a longstanding interest in Lagos. He's spent the past few years leading a research team from Harvard, resulting in a film and a full length analyses in various forms. It's a shame that this material isn't more widely available. Its even more a shame he has yet to build here. There's still time..


Emeka 12:50 pm  

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Onya Baquebeich 7:49 pm  

you read ladders yet? thats got the whole study on there, plus its got the take on alaba...i felt proud. wrote on exactly the same topic here ( a while ago... you an architect?.

Jeremy 8:28 pm  

Ladders? Have you got a link to this? I can't find it anywhere. There is an 80 page or so Lagos study in Mutations, but I was led to believe a full-length work was going to come out some day..

Onya Baquebeich 3:49 pm  

i'm very very sorry, i meant mutations and not ladders. ladders is a Pope book which hypes organic city evolution. i think the study is pretty much conclusive in Mutations. Not sure about any more publications to be done on that. Theres the extract from alaba behind that as well.

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