Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bleeding hotmail

Hotmail has stopped working in the past two days. The MSN site reports there are no issues with hotmail, which leads me to suspect that maybe it is being blocked for Nigeria.. Can anyone confirm?


Anonymous,  3:07 pm  

hotmail has worked for me the last couple days and even today. maybe it is a naija thing.

Anonymous,  3:15 pm  

Works fine for me. (NY)

My Talking Beginnings 3:54 pm  

there are no issues with hotmail in the UK...checked my hotmail account last night with no problems!

Chxta 4:26 pm  

You are in Abuja. Do a traceroute to say and see if your route goes thru the network domain If it does, then it means that you have GST along the way somewhere. Get your service provider to call them and sort it. There is a block somewhere on the access list...

Jeremy 5:23 pm  

er - can I have that in English mate? Someone else in Nigeria's hotmail is buggered - they use a different isp to me.

Aaron Rowe 5:36 pm  

I'm not in Naija so can't confirm if it applies to me.

Suggest you check if your IP address is on any spam blacklists

Also try using Tor to see if you can connect through a non-Nigerian address.

otherwise try some open proxy servers.

Ngozi,  9:01 pm  

switch to gmail! i can send you an invite

Anthony Arojojoye 9:19 pm  

Hotmail is working perfectly here. It's definitely an ISP i-block-u-or-not thing.
Ngozi has spoken well, better jump at her offer.
Hotmail sucks atimes in Nigeria, the webpage dragging unnecessarily.

Anonymous,  9:44 pm  

im shocked that there are people that still don't have a gmail account

Ngozi,  5:51 pm  

i've sent you the invite. you are going to love gmail. it is amazing.

daf,  10:24 am  

I just checked my hotmail and I'm in Naija.

Jeremy 10:27 am  

yes its back working now. very strange..

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