Monday, October 30, 2006

Shango's blog

Aha! Shango has a blog and I know the url! Unfortunately, the phrasing he used in a comment in his guise as 'Shango' was the same phrase as he used on his blog.. Just one careless moment was all it took mate.

Now Shango, after all the hellfire and brimstone you've poured on me for months, what are you going to do to stop me announcing it to the world? Shall I send you my bank account details?


baba alaye,  10:37 am  

Hey Nice one Colombo.
Please milk shango dry.

Unfortunately he just might not enable comments on his blog.

Aaron Rowe 1:58 pm  


I've had a personal theory that Shango was Jeremy's alter-ego for a while.

Shango,  2:57 pm  

Heheh ...

Well, if you go back far enough in your blog's comments, you'll see where I made the first mistake by posting with my Blogger ID in response to one of your comments to Shango.

Fire away, mon ami. :-)

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