Monday, October 30, 2006

Something good, something positive

Its time to dwell on the positive. The more observant among my readers will have noticed a new link on the left hand side - to Funmi Iyanda's new blog. FI is something to be really proud of in Nigeria - a passionate media star in the making with a daytime tv show on NTA. The pic on the left is not very flattering (its the only one of her alone I got off of Google)- she is more beautiful in real life and on the telly. Her blog reveals more than the tv show I reckon: this is truly a passionate advocate for a better Nigeria. Like her friend Sola Solako (whom I've met a few times) - she has a heart the size of the country, she is not afraid to criticise anyone, and a devoted following. She is a positive role model for young men and women alike. She is part of a future Nigeria I'm sure well over a hundred million people would like to see happen in their lifetimes. Long may she live, well may she be supported, and far may she go.


naijagal 3:30 am  

amen to that jeremy she has a website

Anonymous,  5:07 am

better pics of Funmi
I am lovin her blog and her passion for Nigeria is genuine
She does not mince words and is not afraid to offend those in power..

Jeremy 12:57 pm  

thanks BN. I've changed the image. Doesnt she look lovely?

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